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Independent Explorer Traveling History Trunks

Borrow one of our 5 travel trunks complete with reproduction artifacts, suggested activities, and a resource book encompassing current Standards of Excellence for that subject.

We also have a series of standards-based supplemental activity packets that can be requested. See our Deep Dive: Museum Outreach page for available topics.  

Great for: Individual or Group Work; In-Class Learning; Supplemental Curriculum; Content Introduction, Review, & Assessment

The Travel Trunks listed below reflect existing programs. Please visit each trunk’s companion Pinterest page for additional resources. If you are interested in a theme or topic not listed here, please let us know!

If you have recently utilized a trunk or Independent Explorer activity pack, or Deep Dive game, please use the link below to report your use statistics so that we have that information for grant reporting purposes. Thank you! 

The First People: Indigenous tribes in Georgia

Who were the first inhabitants of South Georgia? Thomas County was created December 24, 1825, but its historical significance goes much farther back in time. In fact, much of South Georgia is made of what land once inhabited by Creek Indians, who had occupied this area for hundreds of years before colonization, following the Treaty of Fort Jackson in 1814. Explore the culture, customs, and technology of our community’s first residents.

The Civil War

Thomas County was never the site of a Civil War battle, but the conflict left deep impacts on our community. Put yourself in the place of a Civil War soldier as you explore all sides of the conflict and discover the political, economic, cultural, and regional roots of the crisis.

World War I

How did the United States move from an isolationist platform of neutrality to fighting on the Western Front in the “war to end all wars”? Trace the changes in American foreign policy through the sinking of the Lusitania, to the Zimmerman Note, and to the declaration of War as you meet Thomasvillians with a front row seat to history.

World War II

Meet Thomasville’s World War II heroes of the Greatest Generation whose presence and involvement spanned from “the day that will live in infamy” to the peace celebrations at home and abroad.


Thomasville Treasures

This trunk includes an overview of Thomasville and Thomas County history, a complete mini-exhibit, and worksheet. 


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