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About the BUILDING

The Roberts Garage was constructed in 1942 shortly after the the Roberts family purchased 725 North Dawson Street. Built to match the main house, the Garage originally had a cupola that was blown off during Hurricane Kate in 1985. The six door, three bay Garage was also built with a drive that wrapped around the rear to allow drivers to face forward when pulling out, therefore never having to go in reverse or make a U-turn
to exit. The Roberts Garage was the longtime home of Mildred Robert’s giant Cadillac, which is still well-remembered by many.

The Roberts Garage is home to several vehicles, most notably, the 1916 American LaFrance, which is believed to be the Thomasville Fire Department’s first motorized fire engine. It is also home to Miss Fannie Chisholm’s 1927 hardtop Model T. Miss Fannie drove her car, nicknamed the “Blue Bomber” for its once deep-blue color, until 1961. In her later years, Miss Fannie earned a reputation as an unconventional driver, frequently going through stop signs and stop lights, and driving down the middle of streets which earned her the nickname “The Moses of Broad Street.” Folklore has it she had her license revoked after it was discovered she was legally blind. In addition to the “Blue Bomber,” the 1924 Cox Model T is also a part of the automobile collection. Legend has it Mr. Cox found his original Model T many years after selling it, and restored it in the 1960s. The Faulk family of Cairo donated it to the Thomasville History Center after the passing of his widow in the 1980s. 

About the TOUR

The main building, the Flowers-Roberts House, contains exhibits about the history of Thomas County, as well as the document, photo, and three-dimensional archives that provide the material evidence of what happened in Thomas County’s past.

A guided tour of the Thomasville History Center grounds begins with a twelve-minute video documentary of Thomas County’s history, with an emphasis on the Victorian-era hotels and the dozens of plantations scattered around Thomas County.

Your docent will then walk you through the 1870Smith Homestead, which was moved to History Center grounds in 1974, and provides a setting to share the story of both the Smith family and yeoman farmers of the period.

From there, you will walk to the 1877 Emily Joyner- Matilda Calloway House, and hear the story of both the Civil War widow who first lived there, and the Flowers’ family nanny, Matilda Calloway, who lived there during the first half of the twentieth century.  After the Joyner house, you will visit the 1896 Oliver Ewart Bowling Alley, built to entertain the winter resident who owned the History Center’s property from 1893-1900.

Following the bowling alley, you will go to the 1942 Roberts’ Garage, which currently houses a variety of carriages and other large artifacts.  After the garage, you will return to the Flowers-Roberts House for a self-guided tour of the History Center’s many exhibits, including the timeline-style exhibits in the large Davis Wing addition at the rear of the house.


Monday – Saturday: 10AM – 4PM


(229) 226-7664


725 North Dawson Street
Thomasville, GA 31792


Adults: $10
Students (age 6-17): $5
Members: Free
Member Guests, Students (6-17) Free (Donations appreciated)
Member Guests, Adults (18+) Free (Donations appreciated)
Group Rate: $8 per Adult
(Groups Must Schedule in Advance)

Schedule Your Guided Tour

Use the contact form to schedule your guided tour today. *Completing this form does not guarantee a reservation slot. After submitting the form someone from our office will contact you and finalize your reservation.

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