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Crate to Plate

September 30, 2021 Indulge in a feast from the field featuring Thomasville's best food and drink!

The award-winning Crate to Plate is back! With your support, Crate to Plate 2020 set new fundraising and engagement records for the History Center. With your help, we can do it again! 

Crate reservations will open on September 1. Quantities are limited so we encourage you to reserve early. 

Sponsorships are available now.

Volunteer! Helping Hands Appreciated!

Are you available to volunteer before and during Crate to Plate? Sign up today! 




Available September 1

Limited Quantities 

Our Sponsors Please join us in thanking the following Sponsors for their generosity!


  • Mary & Joe Beverly

    Mary Jo S. Beverly

    Amos & Jackie McMullian

    Dr. & Mrs. Douglas McPherson

    Mrs. J.V. Shields Jr. 

    Pamela & Alan Tucker


  • Lee & Russell Chubb

    The George E. Crouch Foundation

    Kim & Jay Flowers

    Dr. & Mrs. William F. Hogan

    Nancy & M. Stewart Inman

    Emeline & Edward Loughlin

    Haile & Ben McCollum

    Leiann & David Orr

    Marta & Jerry Turner

    Mr. & Mrs. C. Martin Wood III



    William & Alice Dickey

    Peggy & Scott Rich

    Paul Woody

  • Ponder's

    Karen Leabo-Barry & Dick Barry

    Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Davis

    Sharon Maxwell Ferguson Ph.D & Howell Ferguson

    Dr. Annie Laurie McElroy & Bill Maddox 

    Ann S. McCrickard

    Marta & Jerry Turner

    Connie & John Wood 


  • Allen & Allen Funeral Home 

    Jack & Rebecca Allen

    Mr. & Mrs. R.C. Balfour III

    Mike & Pat Beaty

    Beth & Robert Benton

    Charnie & Max Beverly

    Mr. & Mrs. Warren Bicknell III

    Libby & Chris Bracken 

    Rick Bradner

    Chip & Kim Bragg

    Margret & John Brinson

    Barbara H. Clinebell

    Claud & Pam Davis

    William Davis

    Debbie & Wallace Goodman

    Susan Haberkorn

    Chip & Andrea Hancock

    Dr. & Mrs. Merrill Hicks Jr.

    Sabrina & John Higgins 

    Lillian & Jim Hughes

    Harry T. & Holly Jones

    Maggie & Dennis LaRosa

    Sherriee & Steve Kinsey

    Bill Lawson

    Ginny & Robert LeGette

    Celia & Allen Lockerman

    McCollum, Rawlins & Cauley, LLC

    Hon. Brian & Margaret McDaniel

    Kha Thomas McDonald

    Mr. & Mrs. Charles McKinnon 

    Vic & Melissa McMillan

    Mrs. Julia Neel

    Darren & Vanessa Patz

    Kay H. & Tom L. Rankin

    Melissa & Fondren Rigsby

    Rob Rosenbury

    Margaret & Tim Sanders

    Joe & Linda Tarver

    Mrs. Jeptha H. Wade 

    Mr. & Mrs. George Watkins

    Alston & Philip Watt 

    June White 

    Lynn Williams


Sponsor Levels & Benefits All packages include recognition in print and digital platforms prior to the event. Each level is named for a rare plant native to Thomas County.


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